Powder Coating

May Industries is dedicated to providing the highest quality powder coating finish. Powder coating is enduring and decorative, and has no hazardous materials or waste. From camera-ready artwork to single or multiple colors, we can acheive desired finished product.

The May Industries system allows:

  • Batch Production
  • Unique Rack Designs
  • Quick color change for prototypes
  • Runs on any size, weight, and quantity

Our process to ensure the perfect finish:

  • Each part is first pressure-washed with phosphate solution to ensure a clean etched part
  • Parts are baked to remove all moisture
  • Parts are then coated and electrostatically charged
  • All parts are cured in our finishing ovens
  • Parts are inspected for thickness and flawless appearance

Yes, we can do it! We cordially invite you to contact us today at 440-237-8012 to learn how we can help you maximize productivity and position your enterprise for sustained success!